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  • and finally
    as the digital and physical worlds come
    we are creating an entirely new platform
    layer which is the matterhorse
    we’re bringing people places and things
    together with the digital world in both
    the consumer space as well as in the
    take for example dynamics 365 connected
    spaces which we are announcing this
    connected spaces provides a new
    perspective on the way people move and
    interact in physical spaces whether it’s
    a retail store or a factory or even how
    organizations manage health and safety
    in a hybrid work environment
    you can do analytics you can get
    real-time insights you can run
    simulations you can automate routine
    and when we talk about the matterers
    we’re describing both a new platform and
    a new application type similar to how we
    talked about the web and websites in the
    early 90s
    you put on your glasses or headset and
    you’re instantly in your home space it
    has parts of your physical home
    recreated virtually it has things that
    are only possible virtually and it has
    an incredibly inspiring view of whatever
    you find most beautiful
    hey are you coming yeah just gotta find
    something to wear
    all right perfect
    oh hey mark hey what’s going on
    what’s up
    whoa we’re floating in space who made
    this place it’s awesome right it’s from
    a crater i met in l.a uh this place is
    baz is that you of course it’s me you
    know i had to be the robot man i thought
    i was supposed to be the robot
    i knew you were bluffing
    hey wait where is naomi let’s call her
    hey should we deal you in
    sorry i’m running late but you’ve got to
    see what we’re checking out there’s an
    artist going around soho hiding ar
    pieces for people to find
    3d street art that’s cool
    across the microsoft cloud
    from azure iot to azure digital twins to
    connected spaces and microsoft mesh we
    are building the meadowers intrensics
    the meadowers platform for you to build
    in a sense the marrowers enables us to
    embed computing
    into the real world
    and to embed the real world into
    bringing real presence to any digital
    for years we’ve talked about creating
    this digital representation of the world
    but now we actually have the opportunity
    to go in to that world and participate
    in it
    what’s most important is that we are
    able to bring
    our humanity with us and choose how we
    want to experience this world and who we
    want to interact with i can’t overstate
    how much of a breakthrough this is it’s
    no longer just looking at a camera view
    of a factory floor
    you can be
    on the floor it’s no longer just video
    conferencing with colleagues you can be
    with them in the same room it’s no
    longer just playing a game with friends
    you can be in the game with them
    the feeling of presence this is the
    defining quality of the metaverse you’re
    going to really feel like you’re there
    with other people you’ll see their
    facial expressions they’ll see their
    body language maybe figure out if
    they’re actually holding a winning hand
    all the subtle ways that we communicate
    that today’s technology can’t quite
    next there are avatars and that’s how
    we’re going to represent ourselves in
    the metaverse
    avatars will be as common as profile
    pictures today but instead of a static
    image they’re going to be living 3d
    representations of you your expressions
    your gestures that are going to make
    interactions much richer than anything
    that’s possible online today
    you’ll probably have a photorealistic
    avatar for work a stylized one for
    hanging out and maybe even a fantasy one
    for gaming
    you’re gonna have a wardrobe of virtual
    clothes for different occasions designed
    by different creators and from different
    apps and experiences
    importantly you should be able to bring
    your avatar and digital items across
    different apps and experiences in the
    metaverse features like grid views
    together more and presenter modern teams
    mark the beginning of bringing 2d
    immersive experiences to collaboration
    but human presence is the ultimate
    when you and i can have a meeting
    where we are all present together
    without actually being physically
    present that’s the next big breakthrough
    and we’re approaching this
    thoughtfully because we’ve learned from
    similar transitions in the past
    mesh for microsoft teams will allow you
    to connect with presence and have a
    shared immersive experience directly in
    teams let me now turn it over to ellen
    shook and jason warnke from accenture to
    share how they plan to reimagine work
    with it
    thanks satya and hi everyone it’s great
    to be here thanks for having us and
    welcome to accenture’s end floor at
    accenture we have over 624
    000 people serving clients in 120
    countries and critical to our ability to
    work seamlessly together is microsoft
    teams we have turned our focus away from
    spaces and places to creating what we
    call omni-connected experiences where
    our people can participate contribute
    and feel like they belong regardless of
    where they’re working so it’s been
    awesome to see mesh for microsoft teams
    come together to enable those
    and as satya said it’s so important to
    bring the human connection into our
    digital world we’re using this
    technology for meetings and learning
    team get-togethers and it’s helped us
    really transform our new joiner
    experience and you’ll see i’ve joined
    this meeting today using my avatar we
    love this new feature because it gives
    everyone the flexibility and choice to
    show up in ways they are most
    comfortable and for me not having to be
    on camera all day has really helped with
    my energy and engagement and even though
    you’re not joining on camera it feels
    natural as i can see your facial
    expressions gestures and even live
    reactions we’ve also created an
    incredible immersive space that’s now
    seamlessly accessible directly through
    teams why don’t we go check it out
    here we are jason and your avatar looks
    awesome something that i really like is
    how freely you can move around and have
    face-to-face conversations that’s
    exactly right we’ve held more than a
    hundred team gatherings in these
    immersive spaces where people can
    connect learn and collaborate because
    they’re truly in the same place together
    the solution has been a game changer for
    onboarding about a hundred thousand
    people a year and like many
    organizations onboarding has been remote
    for the past 18 months so bringing our
    new hires into this immersive
    environment fosters immediate and deeper
    connections it transcends physical
    boundaries and helps individuals
    experience a culture in a very personal
    way our new hires meet many more people
    and grow their professional network much
    nit we’re thrilled how easily we could
    unlock mesh’s capabilities through teams
    in fact we’re currently rolling it out
    on all of our computers and recently
    deployed sixty thousand vr headsets the
    integration with microsoft 365 makes
    everything feel familiar but on top of
    that spatial audio makes everything
    sound just like it would in person and i
    love seeing and hearing our colleagues
    collaborating and whiteboarding and
    using this space for productivity this
    doesn’t just feel real it is real it’s
    been exciting to see an idea become a
    reality in such a short time enabling
    presence and connection that transcends
    location keeps our culture vibrant
    wherever we’re working and levels the
    playing field to create equal and
    inclusive experiences
    thank you all for taking a quick tour
    with us and with that back to you satya
    so much ellen and jason i just love
    seeing how accenture has been able to
    recreate the human connection you feel
    around those surrenders water cooler
    type conversations and even the design
    and white boarding sessions that you
    would typically have in person
    and of course these experiences are just
    incredible when experienced on any vr or
    ar headsets from oculus to hololens now
    these are some of the basic concepts for
    the metaverse and you know while this
    may sound like science fiction
    we’re starting to see a lot of these
    technologies coming together
    in the next five or ten years
    a lot of this is going to be mainstream
    and a lot of us will be creating and
    inhabiting worlds they’re just as
    detailed and convincing as this one on a
    daily basis
    so even though it’s still a long way off
    we’re starting to work on some of these
    foundational concepts today
    horizon is the social platform that
    we’re building for people to create and
    interact in the metaverse
    one part of this
    is horizon home which is our early
    vision for a home space in the metaverse
    horizon home is the first thing that
    you’ll see when you put on your quest
    today there are already a bunch of
    options to choose from and in the future
    anyone will be able to create one
    we’ve just called it home until now
    because it’s been missing something very
    soon we’re going to be introducing a
    social version of home where you can
    invite your friends to join you as
    avatars you’ll be able to hang out watch
    videos together and jump into apps
    there is horizon worlds which is where
    you can build worlds and jump into them
    with people
    horizon is designed to make it possible
    for everyone to create and we’re already
    seeing people build some really
    interesting experiences from creating
    new games together to throwing surprise
    parties and vr that family and friends
    around the world can join
    we started rolling out horizon worlds in
    beta last year and we’re adding more
    people and more worlds every day
    and we also just launched horizon
    workrooms earlier this year for
    beyond horizon we’re also making it
    easier to communicate with your friends
    across different layers of reality this
    year we’re bringing messenger calls to
    virtual reality you’re going to be able
    to invite your friends to a messenger
    call and soon you’ll be able to explore
    somewhere together or join a game
    now these are the kinds of tools that
    need to get built so that you can jump
    into the metaverse with your friends
    from anywhere and they’re going to
    unlock some pretty amazing experiences ‘=

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