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    okay so
    i’m in cleveland hello
    hello cleveland
    uh i’m going to the i got invited to go
    to the rock and roll hall of fame
    induction ceremony tonight that starts
    in about i don’t know two hours or so
    i got invited
    a couple months ago or so
    and uh
    had never been i’ve never been here i’ve
    been the last time i was in cleveland
    was uh
    before it was opened in the early 90s
    actually literally just before it was
    uh and i saw who was getting
    inducted foo fighters randy rhodes jay-z
    todd rundgren carol king
    tina turner
    i know that paul mccartney is inducting
    foo fighters
    i know that uh taylor swift is inducting
    somebody i think carol king
    ll cool j uh is definitely is getting
    inducted um
    randy rhodes is getting inducted i don’t
    know now people are somebody’s gonna
    somebody is going to play
    for randy rhodes i don’t know who it’s
    going to be i don’t know i don’t have
    any insight information and anything
    so um
    i am going to
    get together beforehand though that’s um
    that some of the inductees may show up
    uh somebody says do you predict zach i
    don’t know who i’m thinking like
    who would it be zack seems like a
    logical choice
    it’s uh this is going to be interesting
    nobody knows anything
    aaron just reminded me he’s he’s um he
    is uh moderating the live stream here
    that uh
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    anything from my longer
    uh videos that i’ve done
    they’re in there
    uh so
    i know that uh
    carol king
    is uh has her band playing with her
    because lee scalar i talked to lee and
    lee is playing tonight when i’ll get to
    see lee
    i know he’s that they were rehearsing
    but um
    uh i wish i knew more
    but like i said
    this is gonna be really interesting
    because it’s it’s very very secret now
    the the fact that uh
    paul mccartney is to be there that came
    out paul mccartney and
    taylor swift
    i don’t know if taylor swift does anyone
    else hear that
    let’s see pat’s mirror said dave’s mom
    should induct the foo fighters well paul
    mccartney is a good choice i think thank
    you anne appreciate that
    so i came up here yesterday and um
    and i just went for a tour of the museum
    i took a ton of video i got to go into
    the um
    into the archives
    the uh the rock and roll hall of fame
    people let me into the archives
    i saw and i video they let me video
    stuff in there
    i saw some jimi hendrix lyrics i got
    you’ll see it on my thing i took so much
    video today though for hours walking
    i’m trying to figure out what to how to
    make a video to go with this um
    i’m not sure what it’s so noisy that i’m
    going to have to probably do a voiceover
    with um
    probably have to do some type of voice
    over with it
    we’ll see if i can meet somebody i’m
    gonna have i have my phone with me here
    so that if uh
    i run into someone at the
    pre-party thing i’ll
    talk to him i’ll put it in there i’ll
    see what hap see what happens
    this will be really interesting though
    i’m kind of uh i’m kind of curious
    maybe sir paul will be there although i
    don’t i doubt it i mean
    what are the chances i pray i i would
    say probably slim chances that he would
    be there but you never know
    you never know
    um gene simmons i saw walking around
    he was here earlier
    thank you bond
    but believe it or not i’ve never been
    here before
    so i thought this would be a cool
    a cool thing there’s been enough of
    and enough people inducted and
    it’s fascinating to go around and see
    the um
    see what kind of things are here
    i love a lot of the early rock and roll
    memorabilia memorabilia the gospel
    blues they’re inducting um
    i wish i had a um
    i wish i had some type of uh
    a flyer or something that told and
    the um
    that they don’t give they don’t give
    that out because they don’t want people
    to know
    who is going to induct people they want
    to keep it a secret so um
    so i may not know
    what’s going on until the thing happens
    but it’s uh it’s about four hours or so
    let’s see are there any artists with
    actual parent talent they’re gonna be
    ouch uh is tool there i don’t i have no
    idea who’s here i have no idea who’s
    gonna be here
    no idea
    i know some people that
    should be in the hall of fame that
    aren’t that’s a whole nother
    that’s a whole nother topic for a video
    but it’s
    it’s really interesting they have a
    floor with
    i think it’s a new exhibit
    and it’s
    these uh
    people’s signatures it shows who are the
    inductees per each year
    and it has has these squares or
    rectangles with the people’s names and
    their signature under each one
    and it’s um
    and it’s
    it’s really well done there’s definitely
    a real lack of metal though there’s no
    judas priests there’s no iron maiden i
    see them coming up in here
    that’s the one thing i noticed on here
    it’s it’s very very light on the metal
    uh which is is not cool
    but they’re making a an effort to um
    i i you know eventually i think that
    this will be uh you know the american
    music hall of fame or not american music
    or just the music hall of fame something
    like that won’t be american obviously
    there’s a lot of
    artists from all over the world
    but they’re going to have um
    they’re going to have
    and it’s not rock and roll there’s
    there’s hip hop rap artists there’s
    blues artists there’s gospel artists
    all different types
    of uh of people that are in
    are inducted
    uh is tool in there i have no idea i
    don’t i have no idea of tools in here
    you have to have a record you have to
    have been recording for 25 years
    um i think that’s the only prerequisite
    but todd rundgren i see um is in it but
    he is not coming to the thing i guess
    that’s what i heard maybe he is and i
    don’t realize it
    uh is tom waits in it i have no idea
    no idea
    i don’t think boston is in
    i saw ac dc they got inducted in 2003.
    so this would be interesting i’m not
    sure that i don’t think i can live
    stream from there because hbo is is
    recording the thing it’s not it’s not
    i don’t think it’s live i have no idea
    to be honest uh but the
    the pre
    uh pre-party thing that i got invited to
    i hope that i can um
    film at
    i got my camera
    so i’m going to uh
    i’m going to see what i can do
    so um
    i’m live streaming off my phone
    i never i haven’t done this in forever i
    used to only live stream off my phone i
    and uh anytime i travel actually i live
    stream off my phone but i think the last
    time i did was when i was in nashville
    but i will try to uh get some good video
    early on
    before the uh before the ceremony and
    and anything pertinent depending on
    where i i’m get to sit if i’m close
    enough i’ll hopefully um
    get to take some good video
    um let’s see
    hello from virginia hello aunt virginia
    am i missing something there’s a list
    here i don’t know what any of that means
    uh so aaron has been posting that our
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    uh and learn something on your own i did
    my first uh
    theory video that i’ve done in a while
    as an actual video not as a live stream
    that was uh that was the other day two
    days ago if you haven’t checked it out
    check it out
    some people are complaining about the
    fact that i went over so much stuff so
    fast it’s that and they don’t realize
    well i have
    a hundred um
    other videos that go along with that
    that are all on my channel
    and if all you have to do is just do a
    little searching
    no i’m not getting inducted
    and somebody wrote steve vion here now i
    thought steve vi
    would be
    a great person to
    i was saying who can induct randy rhodes
    what kind of a person
    who who would do that maybe steve i
    don’t know any suggestions and who would
    do that
    rudy rudy sarzo rudy could easily do it
    um but if there’s gonna be a band
    joe cetriani could do it yeah
    um i know i’m sure rudy will be here
    zack wilde should do randy or could do
    let’s see here jakey lee could do it yes
    ozzy could do it
    i know rudy would do a great job but as
    far as going up and somebody’s gonna
    play i would imagine don’t they have
    things like that that the people play
    along with it isn’t somebody going to
    um play some randy rhodes
    solos or something i don’t know
    so we’ll see we’ll see what uh see what
    happens we’ll know in a couple hours
    honestly this is gonna be fun i’m
    looking forward to this
    uh so hopefully i will have a
    a video out sometime next week depending
    i took a lot of footage though this
    might take a couple weeks to get out
    so um so be patient on it
    it’s amazing to see some of the stuff
    that i saw today though
    some of the famous instruments
    hendrix’s flying v
    it’s unbelievable
    some of the really early
    rock and roll memorabilia is on is
    amazing just to see this stuff in person
    i love this kind of stuff i mean i’m
    just you know you guys know i’m i’m a uh
    rock and roll historian in a way i guess
    i don’t know
    um but
    it’s fun i saw a bunch of beatles lyrics
    i gotta say it was a little thin on the
    stones memorabilia and on led zeppelin
    uh unless i missed something
    so we’ll see we’ll see what happens i i
    was taking there’s a weird thing i was
    looking through the camera so much as i
    was filming
    that i actually wasn’t looking at the
    stuff myself
    and it was kind of strange that i feel
    like i didn’t see that much
    because when you’re looking through the
    camera to fill to get stuff on film
    you’re not actually looking at the
    i must have taken
    about 20 pictures of the head of hendrix
    lyrics though
    it was just interesting to see and on um
    what was it it wasn’t uh was it purple
    haze the lyrics to
    it was in the archive it says key of e
    in it he has in the corner and i thought
    there we go
    and you and people say oh the people
    don’t know
    keys or chords or things like that or
    music theory
    there are a lot of chord charts that i
    saw up here with lyrics lyrics and chord
    charts uh i saw neil young’s lyrics for
    rocking in the free world that that was
    also um
    back in the archives
    so i don’t know so that’s it that’s
    that’s about all i have to uh to report
    for right now
    keep a lookout
    on um
    keep a lookout on my channel for that
    and we’ll see what will happen what
    happens tonight they’ll they’ll have uh
    i’ll i’ll be reporting through instagram
    probably if you don’t follow me on
    instagram follow me at insta at
    and uh i’ll probably post some pics on
    on instagram from it today
    so i’m sure that you guys will see who’s
    who the people are
    i don’t know maybe you won’t i don’t
    know i don’t know how this works it’ll
    come out in the news you know tonight
    uh so but i will post be posting stuff
    on instagram or i’ll put maybe i’ll post
    it here on the community board also i
    don’t know i gotta i gotta figure it out
    i gotta figure out you guys are awesome
    remember the halloween sale
    rb1031 it goes through tomorrow night at
    midnight through halloween
    it’s our annual sale that we do
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    biato club so
    so anyways
    we’ll see you guys

  • At least Jay-z is on a roll.

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