• The warnings are already out there

    “The most obvious path to the metaverse is that you have one single universal app, something like Roblox.” That said, Carmack added, “I doubt a single application will get to that level of taking over everything.” That’s because a single bad decision by the creators of that walled-garden metaverse can cut off too many possibilities for users and makers. “I just don’t believe that one player—one company—winds up making all the right decisions for this,”

  • Additionally nearly the same warnings as in general for social media from me.
    -only deal with people you know in the real world.
    -don’t let it take over your life
    -“ghost” it once in a while

  • They will do the same to Meta or a metaverse as they did to Facebook, and the other acquisitions.
    -Get and sell your data
    -Trump up engagement ( enragement)
    -Disregard their own studies that say they are doing something dangerous
    And as a company, put profit before all else.
    That is what will happen if one company owns all of the metaverse, especially if that monopoly is Meta, formerly known as Facebook.

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