• Bad, bad, bad,
    bring back the Holy Inquisition
    and if true
    expel from church,
    Meanwhile the police should investigate, prosecute, and jail anyone found guilty
    that should be all

    The people who do these things are the “wolves in sheep’s clothing”
    It is not the unbelievers, satanists and atheists that are destroying the church.
    it is these false priests.
    and they destroy the church because the church keeps protecting them.

  • the pope said

    “I express closeness and paternal support to the priests of France in the face of this evidence,” he said, adding: “It is hard. But is it healthy.”

    what does that even mean?
    closeness , support……its hard?
    just don’t appoint/anoint more rapists

  • Well, at least he is supporting them.

  • Come on,
    I think he is trying to say that the stands with the ones who are priests in France but did not do this hideous thing… but at such a number they must have at least heard something…..

    In any event, in old biblical law, rape is a stoning offense (death, separation from God) that can be bought off by the survivor (family) so at the very least they should be out of the church, possibly prosecuted and the victims compensated at their will.
    At the very least.

    God forgives all who turn to him…. but you are still accountable.

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