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  • Auto data site Edmunds recently declared that the R1T “out-accelerates, out-corners and out-brakes every truck we’ve tested.”

    “If you think of Tesla as the Brooks Brothers suit, we’re the Patagonia,” says James Chen, vice president of policy and regulatory affairs at Rivian. “You wouldn’t wear the Brooks Brothers suit to go camping or adventuring or the ski hill, but you would wear your Patagonia.”

    The Lucid Air Dream Edition is a cool $169,000. Lucid says it’s trying to compete with the Mercedes S-class, the famously luxurious sedan, rather than any electric vehicle that’s on the market today.

    The first edition of the Lucid Air has an uninterrupted glass roof stretching over the driver’s head, and the cabin is made of materials such as “silvered eucalyptus” wood, Napa full-grain leather and “naturally colored alpaca wool.”

    The vehicle also boasts some record-setting specs for an electric vehicle: more than 500 miles of range, and claims of unprecedentedly fast charging speeds. According to Lucid, with the right charger, the vehicle can add nearly 300 miles of range in 20 minutes.

    The Lucid Air just won Motortrend’s Car of the Year award, and the Dream Edition is sold out. Less expensive models, which have not started deliveries yet, will begin at $77,000.

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