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  • Pfizer-BioNTech & Moderna

    * Anyone 65 and older.
    * All adults age 18 to 64 who have cancer, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, HIV and other medical conditions that increase their likelihood of Covid complications.
    *Anyone 18 or older who live or work in a long-term care facility, homeless shelter and prison or other congregate setting.
    *Front-line personnel 18 or older who are at a higher risk of Covid exposure due to their job, including first responders, teachers, supermarket staff and mass transit employees.

    Johnson & Johnson

    * All adults who were vaccinated with J&J’s Covid vaccine at least two months ago, instead of six months with Pfizer and Moderna.
    *All adult J&J recipients are eligible for a booster even if they don’t have underlying medical conditions or work in a profession or live where there’s a higher risk of Covid.

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