• It is 10 times as expensive as Ikea and 10 times as ugly…it might last 100 times as long.

    The kit, which is manufactured in Los Angeles, includes enough parts to make one large piece of furniture, like a garment rack or long bookshelf, and two smaller ones, like an end-table-sized piece. If you need something else, just unscrew the steel fasteners and build a different piece. Aesthetically, the furniture lands somewhere between an erector set and industrial-modern design. Starting at $4,180, the OAK isn’t inexpensive, but it’ll surely outlast a particle-board Billy bookshelf.

  • Ugly…. I think it is way too pricey for how it looks, but I like the modularity.
    It is handmade, and “green”…

  • I like it! but it is way too expensive.

  • For that $5000 I’d build me a tiny house. the pricing is for store use, for normal people this is not it.

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