Widow starts over in dual Tiny House Art Studio

Newly widowed, Barbara started a fresh chapter in a dual tiny house art studio. She’s had a growing interest in tiny living since she stumbled across Boxabl. But Barbara wasn’t ready to try out the lifestyle until the tragic passing of her husband of 30 years. He encouraged her to pursue tiny home living, just as he’s always supported her artistic passions.

She bartered with her builder to reduce the cost of her home. Barbara received a $20k discount on her tiny home in exchange for painting murals at his tiny house/RV park in Wichita, Kansas. Once it was delivered, she began her own mural project—a sizeable striking roadrunner. It’s the first of several planned paintings to spice up the grey-painted exterior.

Barbara’s 24-foot tiny house on wheels doubles as her art studio for painting, drawing, and writing music. There are opportunities for creative expression in multiple areas. Her keyboard, for instance, is stored in the sleeping loft. So she can readily try out a new song idea when she wakes up in the middle of the night—not uncommon!

Though Barbara’s main studio space is in the living room. It’s a roomier setup than you might think possible. Impressively, she created a roomy, functional workspace. It features a drafting table, a large easel, and art supply drawer storage on a side table. Also, a TV mounted on a swivel arm aids her when using a reference photo.

“I had lost my husband to cancer from COVID back in April, and to go through the work of getting rid of everything I could, which was a good thing psychologically. Because anything that had to do with the husband that I loved for many many years and had been married to for almost 30 years. I was very close to him more than I was his stuff. Not that I hated his stuff; it was just good to not have the restimulation of his stuff. So I had to use that as my leverage to move on. I knew I needed to go tiny, and in my husband’s will he was very blunt about going for my dream.”

-Barbara Andrews, artist & tiny homeowner

Barbara now enjoys painting murals on tiny homes. In fact, she recently completed some on her neighbor’s house at the Riveredge Tiny Home Village. She also plans to create art for her community later this year. Interested in commissioning her? Contact Barbara through her website.

Watch a tour of her dual Tiny House Art Studio!

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