Tiny Houses for Sale

Are you looking to purchase a tiny house?

What are the websites to help get you started?

The tiny houses on these websites are not in my location. How do I search for local tiny houses?

These are all important questions when you are ready to move into tiny house living.

Let’s start with a couple popular websites to find a tiny house for sale.

The one that has been around the longest and has the largest selection is Tiny House Listings.

Run by my friend Steven, I had the privilege of helping him launch his site over 13 years ago. He set it up right. It is easy to search and most likely you will find a tiny house near where you live.

Tiny House Listings


Another popular listings site is Tiny Home Builders. Another friend of mine, Dan Louche has been building homes for over 14 years. His first one was for his mother.

Dan has gone from building homes to hosting hands on workshops to teach others to do the same. He also has a popular marketplace to sell tiny houses.

Tiny House Marketplace 

tiny house marketplace

Tiny Houses for Sale Locally

Most people are on Facebook and are familiar with Facebook Marketplace. You can search your local area with Facebook Marketplace.

I did a search below using the search words “tiny house for sale”. I have quite a few choices and the image below doesn’t show them all. Your results of course with differ.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace tiny house search

Craigslist has been around for years. Much longer then Facebook Marketplace. You can search your local area or state. Below is a search I did in the Portland, Oregon area.



These website will give you a start in your search for the perfect tiny house for you. There are more sites out on the web so do a Google search and track down some more. Ask around and keep your eyes open as you drive around your town, city, or county.

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