The Home Stretch: Final Preparation Steps for Tiny Home Living

Moving into a tiny home can be liberating. You’re cutting down on your personal possessions and have to declutter your space before moving in.

You should have plenty of cash for upgrades, too, as tiny homes typically cost just $45,000 to build. 

However, as the big day approaches, you may start to feel a little apprehensive. After all, scaling down can be a daunting step if you’re used to walk-in closets and large living spaces. 

Make the process that much easier by preparing for the move well ahead of time. In the months leading up to the move, declutter your current space, buy the decorating supplies you want, and look for some offsite storage.

This will streamline the move-in and help you adjust to your new home. 


Tiny homes typically have a floor plan of under 400 square feet. This means you’ll likely need to declutter your personal possessions when downsizing. 

Make the decluttering process smoother by creating a short list of essential items that you need to take with you.

Give extra time and attention to items that will be difficult to move, as you can’t pack fragile items beneath bed frames and bookshelves in your moving van. 

If you’re on the fence about a particular item, ask yourself “How often will I actually use this?” If you only use your coffee grinder or vinyl turntable once a year, it’s probably worth throwing out or donating. 

Try to take one trash bag full of donation items to a local charity once per day. Getting rid of unwanted items is mentally exhausting and physically draining unless you spread it out.

There’s no shame in asking a friend or family member for help, either. You’ll just need to get organized beforehand, as your friends won’t want to spend their afternoon sorting through your old clothes. 

Towing Vehicles

Most tiny homes have foundations that anchor them into a fixed position. However, many new homeowners are experimenting with homes on wheels.

Having the freedom to pick up and move on to a new lot or a backyard is the best of both worlds for many folks who are interested in the tiny-home lifestyle. 

However, if you want the freedom to move across the country, you may need to trade in your car for a powerful towing vehicle.

Towing vehicles can make the move smoother, too, as you can tow storage space behind you when moving.

Before taking your car to a dealer, gather all the necessary records and clean up the interior. This will add value to your vehicle that you can put towards appropriate towing trucks. 

When looking for a vehicle that can tow your tiny home, search for a high-torque, powerful engine that has great stability.

A long, wide wheelbase will reduce the risk of snaking on windy roads. This will take the stress out of driving when moving, too, as you’ll have plenty of room in your vehicle for boxes and fragile items. 

Common Mistakes

Downsizing sounds like a stress-relieving lifestyle change. However, many make the mistake of believing that all their troubles are over after moving into a smaller space. 

Avoid some of the most common downsizing mistakes by setting clear financial goals for your family.

Put the funds you save on heating and mortgage repayments towards retirement funds or debt repayments. This will save you plenty of headaches in the future and will improve your financial freedom. 

You still need to budget in the lead-up to the big move, too. You’re sure to save money when living in a tiny home, but can’t ignore living costs like transport, college payments, or hidden fees.

Instead, create a financial forecast in the lead-up to the move-in date and create a clear plan to pay HOA fees or property taxes. 

You may need to invest in some off-site storage following your move. This can feel frustrating at first, particularly if you want to cut down on your personal items.

However, keeping some off-site storage can be a real boon if you want to keep your living space clean.

Box up things like seasonal clothes and niche items for the future, as you don’t want to store a snowboard in the summer or an inflatable swimming pool in the winter. 

Remember to have fun with the move, too. Moving into a new home is supposed to be a celebration, not a chore.

Put aside some time to redecorate your new space and consider hosting a housewarming celebration when you’re all moved in.

This can improve your home pride and help you connect with your new neighbors. 


Living in a tiny home forces you to cut down on clutter and get organized before you make the move. Make the process that much easier by starting early.

Take one bin bag of donation clothes to a charity shop every day and consider swapping your current car for a towing vehicle.

Avoid the temptation to overspend when you do move, as you can’t ignore hidden fees like HOA costs. 

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