The Eden Aircrete Glamping Design

Domeaia is offering a workshop in Boulder, Utah. In the workshop, you will get to learn out to build with Aircrete a simple but impressive new design called the Eden.

The Eden workshop provides a relaxed and welcoming environment to explore the world of aircrete, learn our methods, and become part of the vibrant Domegaia community. Come get your hands dirty with us!

The Eden is the perfect option for a home office, healing space, or a luxurious Aircrete glamping structure. It is designed to bring you closer to nature without compromising on comfort.

The Eden features a spacious interior with a comfortable queen-sized bed and a front sitting area. This small, yet cozy structure is perfect for couples or small families looking for a unique getaway experience.

The Eden is very affordable and costs around $9,500 to build.

The 5-Day Eden Building Workshop is located in Boulder, Utah from April 12-16, 2024.

Here are a few workshop details.

Learn How to:

  • Use Domegaia‚Äôs unique building system and equipment to build your dream home, retreat, studio, guest house, and much more
  • Make high-quality aircrete and mortar with ease every time, and how to avoid common mistakes
  • Stack aircrete bricks, and our favorite tips and tricks

What to Expect:

  • Learning new skills and techniques for building with Aircrete, a versatile and sustainable building material
  • Gaining hands-on experience in the construction process, from mixing and pouring Aircrete to building and reinforcing arch structures
  • Developing a deeper understanding of sustainable building practices and how to use Aircrete to create eco-friendly structures.
  • Networking with other attendees and instructors passionate about Aircrete construction and sustainable living
  • Gaining confidence in your skills Inspirational and informative slideshow presentation and dedicated Q&A time!

If you are unable to go to this one there are other ones scheduled later in 2024. Check all the details at the Domeaia website.

Here is a video walkthrough of the Eden

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