Texas Tiny Home Village Empowering Women

A new tiny home village in east Texas has a powerful mission to empower women. It’s called The Bird’s Nest and rents long-term lots to tiny houses on wheels and full-time RVers. Longtime THOW dweller Robyn Edmiston Yerian set out to financially support herself during retirement. But her vision organically evolved to encompass security, empowerment, and camaraderie.

The Bird’s Nest has blossomed into a supportive and fun community of women living their best lives together. With that said, supportive men are most definitely welcome to reside here. A key to the harmony of the village is vetting potential residents. As a retiree, Robyn sees a huge benefit of living with a close-knit neighbor group as essential for combating loneliness.

Affordable living is another top appeal of The Bird’s Nest. Robyn charges $450 a month for lot rent, which includes water, storm shelter access, and shared amenities like a community center. She has committed to maintaining that price indefinitely. To further help those struggling financially, Robyn purchased an Incred-I-Box. She realized that some folks do not have the upfront money to buy a tiny home. So, this long-term rental offers low-cost tiny home living at just $700 per month—house and lot rent.

The Bird’s Nest tiny home village is located in Cumby, Texas. Multiple small and larger towns are nearby, and downtown Dallas is just 60 minutes away. While the community sits on 5.5 acres, Robyn decided to use only 2.5 for the main living area. That entire section is fenced-in and gated. Every resident has a clicker to open the gate.

The village has 14 concrete pads in total. Tie-downs are installed when a resident moves in. These serve to protect the tiny homes from the high prairie winds. Robyn plans to fill only 10 of the available lots. One of the remaining pads has been coined “the party pad” because residents gather here to enjoy cookouts and fire pit hangs. Additional gathering opportunities include book club, gardening, and time spent around the pool.

“The idea that this is a community is something I don’t think that you find everywhere that you find tiny houses. We help each other out. I had a knee replacement about 2 months ago, and everybody pitched in and helped. We have tools that we share, like a community shovel. You know somebody has whatever you need. Not everybody has to have the same thing, and I think that’s another good thing about The Bird’s Nest.”

Cheryl, Resident at The Bird’s Nest Tiny Home Village

Interested in living here? Contact Robyn here.

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