Tanzanian Safari Tent Camps

The classic canvas bunk tent has been around since the late 1880s. The basic shelter was used to house miners in informal settlements and as mobile camps in the Civil War. Now the canvas tent can be found all over the world as charming Airbnb hotspots, in state and national parks, and in people’s backyards.

Tented camps are a common way to stay in Tanzania’s national parks and conversation areas.

However, one of the most romantic designs still prevails. The safari tent has long been coveted as one of the most ideal outdoor shelters. Usually built on a wood platform, the safari tent features furniture and decor that reflect the beautiful designs of Africa.

The tents are luxurious accommodations with furniture and great views.

Over the holidays, my husband and I took a safari in Tanzania. We stayed in several tented camps in the beautiful Serengeti National Park and the Ngorongoro Highlands. These tents kept us comfortable and safe from the area’s hyenas and lions as well as some evening rainstorms.

Beds are provided even in the more basic camps.

Very basic amenities come to mind when you think of a safari tent. This was not the case with ours. Each of the tents we stayed in featured comfortable beds with duvet covers, full bathrooms with showers and hot water, and electricity that usually runs off solar panels.

They may have Swahili names such as punda milia or zebra.

Some of the tents even had hand-carved wood furniture and local art such as the Nborro, a beaded necklace worn by Maasai women.

Because these tented camps are so close to the park’s wildlife, the tents do not have kitchens. All cooking and eating is done in a central camp where safari groups will eat together. The tented camps will sometimes even have guards to walk you to and from your camp. A spotted hyena was caught lounging in the grass outside our tent one evening.

Dining is done in a separate group tent.

If you are interested in staying in one of these tented camps, Tanzania has dozens of companies that will take you to national parks around the country. You will have your choice of luxury, mid-range, or budget camps that will fuel your African safari fantasies.

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