Renewable Water for Your Tiny Home

What if you could create renewable water for your tiny house?

I just discovered a company located in Scottsdale, Arizona that is doing just that. It works well both on-grid and off-grid.

The company’s name is Source. They have designed and created Hydropanels. These can be placed either on the ground or on your roof.

Personal SOURCE® Hydropanels™ allow you to make your own perfectly balanced drinking water at home every day using the water vapor in the air and the power of the sun.

These panels use energy from the sun to convert water vapor in the air into clean, safe, quality water for you and your family—without electricity from the grid or additional infrastructure.

Here is how it works:

  1. Solar energy powers your hydropanel completely off-grid
  2. Fans draw in ambient air and push it through a hygroscopic—water-absorbing—material that traps water vapor from the air
  3. The water vapor is extracted and condenses into liquid water that is sent to a pressurized tank in your home
  4. Drinkable water is dispensed straight from your designated tap or refrigerator

Here is a video demonstrating how to install it on the ground. I think would be best for a tiny house living situation.

It is mobile in this fashioned and could be relocated if your moved your tiny home to a new location.

Climate Limitations

SOURCE Hydropanels are recommended for locations without a prolonged freeze.  When temperatures reach freezing, SOURCE Hydropanels enter hibernation mode and do not produce water.

The Tiny House Blog is not connected with this company. I’m just excited to see this technology made available to the public.

It’s not cheap but the ability to create water most anywhere is fantastic. Click here to learn more and to purchase if you choose.

Below is an example where it is used on the Navajo Reservation. Good water is not available and this makes it possible.

SOURCE® Hydropanels bring water to the Navajo Nation

Does this technology interest you? Would you consider using it in your own tiny home?

Source water panels

Source water panels

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