Pod Studio Tiny Home of the Future

Looking to make the world’s smartest tiny home. Pod Studio is a tiny house that expands to three times its original size.

The new innovation in the tiny house world seems few and far between. Pod Studio is here to change the conception.

Podform a California-based startup has a very big dream. To create a sleek, modern space that is great for work or play and even to be lived in.

Designed in the size of a container home. The Pod Studio expands to three times its original size via expandable panels.

Pod Studio

It measures 30 feet by 8.5 feet when in transportation mode. It expands to 16 feet wide not including the awnings.

Built from aluminum and steel it is fire-resistant for up to 90 minutes, earthquake-resistant and wind-resistant for up to 90 mph.

Pod Studio

According to Podform, it is more durable than a standard home.

Transported to your location via a truck and trailer. Using it automatic hydraulic legs it lifts itself off and lowers it down to its permanent location. Taking on 15 minutes to do so.

The living is space is 454 square feet and comes fully furnished. It is off-grid ready with a 3 kW solar package that comes standard. It also comes standard with an Android or iOS app to track all consumption and stats.

It also has cameras for surveillance and built in AI will analyze your water, electrical and your local weather.

Open-space design with all the modern touches. Transformable living room, bedroom, workspace. A full kitchen and bathroom are all included.

Pod Studio daytime

Pod Studio night time

Podform at this point seems to be complete startup. They are accepting reservations but no prices are listed.

You can join a waiting list to find out more. When it will be released, prices etc.

Right now it looks like a dream. I’m hoping it will become a reality and be affordable enough for the average person.

Learn more at the Podform website. 

Photos from Podform

Pod Studio bathroom storage

Pod Studio

Pod Studio

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