Only 3 weeks remain in MTL’s first ever winter sales event!

Only 3 Weeks Left in MTL’s 2023 Winter Sales Event!

There’s a lot at stake here folks. 

For those of you that dream of building with our team at Modern Tiny Living, this is the best possible deal you will ever get!

Not only are we giving you a $5000 discount on the tiny home of your choice (like The Bison above), but you’re locking in the 2023 price before new pricing is dropped on January 1st, 2024.

Build costs and labor costs have impaced MTL like everyone else, so we’re giving our subscribers and friends one last chance to lock in a brand spankin’ new MTL tiny house at a discount!

The promotion is continuing through the end of 2023, and to lock in your discount you only need to submit your deposit. You can start the conversation with us here.

Start today and you’ll be living that tiny house dream by Summer 2024!

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