NEW Folding Tiny House on Wheels

Have you ever wondered, what if a Boxabl home came on wheels? Introducing the Grande S1, a brand-new folding tiny house on wheels Grande S1 by PODX Go. It unfolds and folds with basically just a push of a button (and a couple simple manual actions). In just 15 minutes, it expands from a road-ready 8.5 feet wide to 22.5 feet wide.

Folding Furniture

Creating this spacious single-level layout requires transforming interior design. The Grande S1 manages to walk the line of comfort and function with its furniture choices. Each item is carefully chosen with the folding tiny house tech in mind. For example, the open bedroom/home office area includes a queen-size Murphy bed and a foldable desk. Additionally, PODX Go opted for a popular space-efficient Ikea that stows the chairs inside itself.

When it’s time to travel, the table gets moved to the kitchen—in the house’s core where the mechanics are stored. The sofa is broken down and placed in the foyer. All other furniture is stowed in the bathroom, including the coffee table and office chair.

What’s It Made Of

Creating a folding tiny house required extensive engineering and careful material selection. The remote-controlled expansive hydraulic system can also be adjusted manually in case of any mechanical failures. Grande S1’s main structure is made from high-tensile strength steel—1.97-inch (50mm) A36 steel panels. These are filled with rigid polyurethane foam for insulation and enhancing structural integrity. According to PODX Go, the Grande S1 can withstand category 3 hurricane winds, 111-129 mph.

It’s also NOAH-certified, providing additional build quality and road-safety peace of mind. A Grande S1 can be towed with a heavy-duty pickup truck for relocation. Keep in mind the tiny house’s gross trailer weight (GTW) is 17,600 pounds.

Smart Home & Solar Systems

Other top features of the Grande S1 include the Edge One smart home system. From the hub in the entryway,  you can see all the monitor solar collection, energy storage, and power usage. In addition, you can manage climate control and control the lighting. The Edge One also includes a complete home security system. So you can see what’s happening around the entire perimeter of the house.

Thanks to PODX Go’s Renogy partnership, the Grande S1 features a robust solar power system. It comes with the Lycan 5000 Power Box, an all-in-one solar and energy storage solution with a 5kWh capacity, expandable up to 40kWh. The tiny house roof can be covered in solar panels to integrate into the system for continuous power (depending on usage, etc.)

Special Offers

While off-grid power is substantial, the Grande S1 does not currently include any holding water tanks. Good news! If you want to see that or any other upgrades, PODX Go encourages the public to join their Co-Creation Lab. They have already incorporated consumer feedback into the refined prototype. If they use any of your feedback, you will be notified & receive an award.

As you might imagine, much of PODX Go’s manufacturing takes place in China. However, finishing work is done in their Ontario, California shop. That’s where you can tour a Grande S1 model in person—schedule one here.

Interested in buying a Grande S1 folding tiny house? Get a $3000 discount with code: PODX3000THE.

After placing the $200 reservation fee at, the PODX Go support team will contact you via email. You can provide the discount code at that time.

Watch the tour above to see the folding tiny house in action!

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