Musicians’ Tiny Home Skoolie for Family & Tour Bus

Musician couple Shane and Emily live in a tiny home skoolie with their two kids. It also doubles as a tour bus for their band, Arbour Season. Converting a school bus into a custom dwelling was a significant upgrade from the RV they lived in before. However, as DIYers with no experience, they struggled to get the design just right to meet all their needs. Exposure to many other nomadic rigs gave them many ideas for improving their setup.

Fortunately, the third renovation was the charm! They focused on three key pain points: the living room, bedrooms, and band storage needs. First, they upgraded their lounge area to have two roomy sofas instead of just one. This offers a more natural hang-out space where they can face each other instead of just sitting in a row. Plus, they gained another storage compartment.

Next, they tackled the back of the bus. Shane and Emily wanted to create a more functional sleeping, study, and playspace for their two small kids. Initially, they had a king-size bed in the very back. This came out. Then, bunk beds were added to one corner. There’s an open play area in the middle. On the other side, there’s a desk and storage area for toys and clothes.

Shane and Emily moved their bed to the middle of the skoolie. They installed an easily foldable queen mattress that acts as a day bed. Additionally, they now have room for a small closet and vanity space across from it. At night, the bed unfolds for sleeping.

Lastly, Shane and Emily created a large “garage” closet on the backend of their skoolie tiny home. It can be accessed from inside and outside. This provides easily accessible storage for instruments and band equipment. Previously, it took a lot of digging to reach these items.

Shane and Emily definitely found their building groove. So, about six months ago, they bought a partially converted short bus for their nanny. They renovated it and added a solar power system. What a game-changer! Different nannies travel with them for several months and now can enjoy their own private tiny home. A nanny only cares for the kids during Shane and Emily’s Arbour Season shows. But this way, they don’t have to find strangers to babysit while they’re out performing. Their little ones get to enjoy the benefits of a vetted, familiar babysitter.

“One of the questions we get a lot is how do your kids like it on the road. We were on the road for about 3 to 4 years before our kids were even born, so they were born in this lifestyle. This is all they know; this is all we know, even as a married couple. We’ve never lived in a house together; we’ve always lived on the road. We’ve only had kids on the road, but we think it’s super beneficial because we get out we do things we explore.

We know as they get older, they may want to join sports teams and different things like that, which is why we did buy property in Arkansas. So that we’re going to be there at least 6 months a year while we’re touring 6 months a year.”

-Shane, DIY tiny home skoolie dweller & Arbour Season co-band leader

Watch a tour of their tiny home skoolie to see more!

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