Mike Krabal and Building a Simple Camper

Mike Krabal is a do-it-yourself builder of tiny campers made from wood.

These are lightweight livable campers or even a tiny home.

His most recent build is a 6 x 10 foot little wooden camper that will sleep up to four people.

It has a tiny bathroom and even a shower.

He is experimenting with a new power source using Ryobi 40-volt batteries (as well as shore power).

Mike experimented with a few building techniques and didn’t hold anything back.

Using a Harbor Freight 1720-pound trailer the camper can be easily unmounted and remounted as needed.

This is also Mike’s first trailer that you can stand up inside with a standing height of 6 feet.

Condensing a six-month build into a one-hour video was a challenge but Mike includes all the necessary details to show you how he designed and built this little gem.

Would you consider living full-time in a little camper like this?

Click here to watch the YouTube video.

Video screen shot

building the walls

Building the walls

working on the roof

Mike working on the roof install

adding door

Rubber roof covering also used on the floor

exterior framing

Exterior details

installing camper on trailer

Installing the camper onto the trailer

closeup of outside details

Completed exterior

inside details

Installing the fan

bunk bed

Shower and bunk bed view

bunk bed

Upper bunk bed

kitchen area

Bench seat and bed and kitchen space

Mike showering off his camper

Mike giving a tour of his tiny camper

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