Low-Tech Off-Grid Living with Reesa

Reesa is a single mom living with her son in an off-grid tiny house on her family’s multigenerational homestead. They share the land with her parents and 23 animals. Reesa is passionate about empowering other women to create their dream homes and live a sustainable lifestyle that they can afford.

Today Ethan and Reesa are venturing off the beaten path and into the realm of off-grid living with our inspiring guest, Reesa, who has carved out her own paradise on a multi-generational homestead. Throughout their conversation, they will uncover the nuts and bolts of Reesa’s journey, from the inspirations that sparked her transition to a scaled-down, sustainable lifestyle, to the practicalities of building an affordable tiny home from an Amish-built shed shell. Ethan and Reesa will dive into her low-tech solutions for heating, and water storage, and even delve into the world of humanure composting.

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In This Episode:

Innovative Lighting Solutions: The practicality of solar lights in an off-grid setting offers insight into her lighting setup with multiple charging methods.

  • Water Collection and Usage: An important aspect of self-sufficient living, Reesa shares future plans for a 250-gallon water tank to aid in watering her garden and livestock, demonstrating resourceful strategies for managing water resources in an off-grid lifestyle.
  • Wood Heating and Lifestyle: She speaks to the benefits of traditional heat sources and how they support her simpler, off-grid lifestyle.
  • Self-Sustainable Food Sources: Reesa highlights beekeeping and gardening as integral parts of their food source, emphasizing the benefits of self-sustainability.
  • Home Design Inspiration: Reesa discusses where she finds inspiration for her home’s aesthetic and functionality for off-grid living.
  • Affordable and Resourceful Construction: Reesa discusses the costs associated with installing her off-grid system, preparing the site, and ensuring adequate insulation, while also highlighting her thrifty home furnishings.
  • Innovative Water Systems: Discussing her water collection and usage methods, Reesa gives a perspective on managing necessities without modern plumbing.
  • Natural Waste Management: She provides a detailed insight into her humanure composting system, reflecting an eco-friendly approach to sanitation.

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 Reese  wood stove and sitting area

Living room

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