Low Tech Laboratory 2 – Kickstarter

Experiments with rocks, wood, and mud.

A second movie: rocket forge, rocket hot tub, dry stack moon gate, log joinery, mycoinsulation, sepp holzer root cellar, cob floor…


Welcome to the Low Tech Laboratory movie “The Sequel”, where we continue to take DIY innovation to the next level!

Our last Kickstarter was our most successful ever and we now have new, useful, and progressive projects to share from our most recent event – fresh out of the (rocket-powered) oven!

In the first Low Tech Laboratory movie, we showcased a handful of low-tech, DIY solutions for your house and homestead that can make your life more luxuriant, and easier on both you and the environment.

The annual Permaculture Technology Jamboree event, held at Wheaton Labs continues to push the boundaries, move forward permaculture innovation, and ultimately bring low-tech solutions to you.

The keen as beans homesteader, quietly capable with bundles of enthusiasm to provide a healthy, efficient, low-cost, earth-friendly and abundant lifestyle that benefits you, your family and community.

The 2023 Permaculture Technology Jamboree brought together some great instructors, projects, and innovations, and we captured over 50 hours of video involving fire, earth, wood, rock, fungus, earthworks, structures, textiles and more.

Support the Kickstarter for as little as $1

Here is what you get for only a dollar.


Support the Kickstarter for as little as $1

Kickstarter 2

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