Linda’s Single Level Off-Grid Tiny House

Linda designed and built her home to fit her needs. This is one of the benefits of designing and building your own home.

Linda wanted a home with a single level and did not want to deal with the hassles of a loft bedroom as she grows older. Linda is looking at making this tiny home her forever house. She has specked it out with luxuries she can enjoy in the coming years.

Her tiny house is solar-powered and future-ready with her single-level design. I hope you enjoy the tour of this cool off-grid tiny home and the wonderful story of the woman who built it.

This video was produced and presented by Bryce Langston. You can follow his channel by clicking on this link.

Tiny house kitchen and eating area

Linda working in kitchen

Linda fixing fresh vegetable in her lovely kitchen

tiny house bedroom

Linda’s bedroom on the main floor. A real luxury in a tiny home.

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