Japanese company prints tiny homes for the cost of a new car

The country that created modern, affordable automobile automation is now doing the same for homes. Serendix, a Japanese construction company is 3-D printing tiny homes for relatively the same price as a new car.

The Fujitsubo house contains one bedroom within its 538 square feet.

Serendix 3-D printed house
Photos by Serendix

The company’s prototype, the Fujitsubo (“the barnacle” in Japanese) is a 538 square-foot house that includes one bedroom, a bathroom, open living room, and kitchen. It costs $37,600. Much cheaper than many tiny homes these days.

Serendix 3-D printed house

3-D printers build a house by squeezing out layers of concrete. The Fujitsubo house is 3-D printed in sections and attached to a foundation with steel columns. The roof panels are made on a CNC machine. The entire home can be created in less than 45 hours.

Serendix currently has five printers that can build around 50 homes per year. Additional printers are in the works in order to build over 850 of these tiny homes per year.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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