House on Wheels: Retirement and the Freedom of Mobile Living

It’s an incredible feeling to finally retire after years of hard work and do the things you really enjoy. If you’re like many others, the dream may be to hit the road in an RV or mobile mini-home and see what the country has to offer. Before you hit the road, you should know a few things about mobile life, including the costs, maintenance, and, perhaps most importantly, the fun things to do along the way.

What To Know In Advance

You should know a few things about preparing for a full-time mobility lifestyle before you hit the road. One of them is how you plan to travel.

There are many choices for your mobile home, from a literal mobile tiny home to an RV or a camper. RVs are a great option if you constantly plan to be on the move and only stop at campsites for a few days at a time. A mobile tiny home on wheels can also work but remember that due to their size and the fact that they look like an actual house, tiny homes are typically meant to stay in one place for a longer time. You can have the best of both worlds by investing in a camper you pull behind your car, and there are varying sizes from which to choose.

While some people are excited about traveling from place to place temporarily, others may choose to move to a different state. Before you pick a place, there are many considerations you should make. One of them is the climate. Check the weather and conditions to ensure you’ll have the proper clothing to be comfortable and safe wherever you go. You must also verify that your health needs will be met. Check for local doctors and hospitals and make sure that they take your insurance. Finally, research the average living expenses to know if you can afford your current lifestyle in the new state.

Considerations To Remember Along The Way

There are many considerations to make while enjoying your life in your RV, camper, or tiny home. One of the most important is to manage your money. If you plan to do this long-term, you need to foster a travel mindset instead of a vacation mindset. Many people like to splurge while on vacation by trying fancy meals and staying at the most glamorous places. While there’s time for that, you should keep your cash flow in mind. Just like when you had a permanent residence, maintain a budget and allocate funds for certain expenses so you don’t run out of cash when you need it most.

However, don’t cut too many costs. Be sure to spend money where you need it. For instance, have your RV or mobile home fully insured and invest in a good phone plan so you can call for help if necessary. You should also never slack when it comes to regular maintenance on your vehicle and mobile dwelling. Check and fill the tires at each stop for safety and better gas mileage. Also, go in for your regular oil changes based on the mechanic’s recommendations. If you ever feel something is wrong with the engine or you hear a strange sound, go in for maintenance before the issue worsens.

Don’t Forget To Have Fun

While there’s a lot to remember about safety and vehicle longevity, don’t forget that this is your retirement, and you’re supposed to enjoy your time on the open road. You can enjoy many fun and leisurely activities, from visiting roadside attractions, like the biggest ball of yarn, to checking out all of the tourist attractions in a state you’ve always wanted to visit.

You’ll likely pass many national parks during your trips, and you should take the time to stop at them when you can and enjoy nature’s splendor.  If you can camp there, try to do so. There’s nothing like walking out of your mobile home in the morning and stepping into a picturesque landscape.

If you’re a wine connoisseur, take this time to check out the many wineries across the nation. In addition to the fine beverages, many wineries also have incredible natural backdrops to enjoy. When you go, keep in mind the winery ground rules. For instance, while you should enjoy a new wine, don’t drink too much or be loud and disorderly in the bar. When you go, ask questions, sample a few of their offerings, and just enjoy the atmosphere. Avoid wearing cologne or perfume because they can take away from the natural aroma of the wine and hamper the experience.

Meeting Others

While you and your spouse may love that you get to spend this special time together, also make it a point to socialize with others when you get the chance. Meeting new people is a great way to keep your mind sharp and discover new experiences.

If you stay at a campsite, get out and introduce yourself to other campers and invite them to your bonfire at night. There will also be opportunities to sign up for and join RV or camper clubs. You can often find these online and meet people in the group. Then, when you’re traveling, you’ll already have friends to visit, which will add more excitement to your travels.

There can be no better feeling than traveling during retirement and taking the chance to rest and relax like never before. Just remember to research and prepare before you hit the road so you’re ready for the unexpected and can enjoy your adventures to the max.

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