HitchHiker Camper Four Season Shelter

Tusca Outdoors, known for its lightweight insulated hunting blinds has just introduced the HitchHiker. It is a lightweight ultra-insulated bare-bones sleeper camper.

It is similar to a teardrop trailer but more versatile and affordable and is designed for four-season camping.

I am always interested in the bare minimum tiny house living options and this fits the requirements perfectly.

It’s compact enough to fit perfectly onto a 5×8 utility trailer. With integrated vents, screened windows, an electric port, and space for a full-size bed this camper ensures comfort and functionality for 1 or 2 people, enabling year-round outdoor enjoyment.

Yes, it is just a place to sleep and get out of the weather. At $2,750 you could build something similar out of plywood or something else and cover with fiberglass. If you are the person who likes it ready to go and just needs the barest of shelter this may be what you are looking for.

Check out the HitchHiker at the Tusca Outdoor website.

Photos from Tusca Outdoors

Watch the walk-through video

Light weight at 190 lbs.

double size bed for comfort

Room for a double bed mattress

lightweight and towable

Lightweight and easy to tow.

four season shelter

Enjoy all four seasons and sleep warm


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