Her She-Shed Shipping Container House

Fight attendant and content creator Tammy enjoys getting creative in her she-shed shipping container house. Her fiancé built it in his backyard to live in before they tied the knot. It’s a fully functional tiny house. Now, it’s becoming her simple living sanctuary when she needs me-time and home office.

“This has become like a “she shed” for me, but it’s also like a little mini office. I do everything in here. All of my content creation comes out of this little small space.

So I have Contained Sunshine, and then I have Sunflowers and Rays.

Sunflowers and Rays is my main account. It initially started off as just me having fun. Now it’s blown up into coffee videos, pare, beauty, and travel, coffee shop reviews. It’s all over the place right now. I guess you can say it’s lifestyle, a lifestyle vlog.

After the wedding, we plan on keeping the tiny home here for, I guess, my sanity’s sake. I do love the huge family that I’m walking into, but I do step away a lot into my own space and my own little head space. So we’re going to keep the container home. We’re going to keep it here. It’s not going to be rented out.

It’s forever my little crayon box.”

-Tammy, @containtedsunshine

Inside her She-Shed Shipping Container House

Tammy calls her she-shed, her Crayon Box. She and now-hubby transformed a 40-foot shipping container into her charming tiny house. As the name implies, Tammy brought it to life with various colors, from the vibrant blue ceiling to the swanky orange velvety sofa. It’s the kind of space that makes you smile.

Her she-shed must-haves include lots of artwork, counter space to create her coffee content creation, and comfy furniture for relaxing. Also, Tammy found that a dehumidifier has been invaluable in the humid city of Houston, Texas. Like most container homes, her she-shed is a single-level design with a main floor bedroom.

She has a queen bed beside an art gallery wall showcasing pieces from her travels. Her TV stand on wheels lets her easily move the television from the bedroom area to the living room when she has friends over. Overall, this cozy yet open small space gives her the freedom to express herself.

Watch Tammy’s backyard container tiny home tour!

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