Her 44 ft Tiny House with Rooftop Deck & 6 pets!

Animal lover Janet loves living in her 44 ft tiny house with a rooftop deck with her 6 pets—2 dogs, 2 cats, and 2 birds! She worked with her builder, Indigo River Tiny Homes, to customize it to meet all of their needs. Amazingly, it accomplishes it all without sacrificing comfort or storage.

“I chose Indigo River Tiny Homes as my builder. I looked at a bunch of different builders over the last 12 months. And one of my favorite things about them is that every model they build is custom. So they sit down with you, and they take about two hours. We did it virtually.

But they sit down with you and ask you what you want, and then they draw it while you’re talking. And then, once you do your floor plan design, because you pay for that if you want to build it, you get the plans. They’re yours. If you want to have a different builder build it, then the plans are yours. Or if you want to have them build it, then they take the floor price off,” Janet on working with her tiny home builder.

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Designing Around Her Pets

Ensuring that Janet’s two large bird cages could fit was a top tiny house design priority. Further, she had to provide enough room to easily move around them for cleaning, etc. The window placement was another critical consideration because her two parrots, Vincent & Frank, enjoy natural light.

In the living room, Janet ensured there was room for her English bulldog, Rollo’s steps, to climb onto the sofa. Next to it is the cat door that goes into the “garage” storage area. That’s where she keeps her kitties’ supplies and food, so her dogs can’t get into it.

Additionally, Janet added a cat lounge that attaches to a window via suction cups. Urchin and Notch love lounging in the sun! The bathroom is on the other side of her 44 ft tiny house bathroom. There she chose a bathtub to easily give her dogs baths as needed. Outside sits a stackable washer/dryer with a pull-out folding shelf—an essential for caring for animals.

Upstairs, Janet’s standing-height bedroom has enough room to easily walk around it. There is also room for another set of stairs for Rollo. She added guard rails around her queen bed to ensure none of her furry friends (or hairless cat) fell out of bed. Next to it, a large window provides access to her incredible rooftop deck. It’s 11 feet long by 8.5 feet wide with railings. Janet loves watching the sunsets and playing with her dogs up there.

Lastly, behind her bedroom in the gooseneck is Janet’s office. It features a full door that she can shut to dampen parrot noise during virtual sessions with her clients. Janet is a remote therapist. A cat tree is next to her standing desk—the only place it would fit. Janet’s clients get a kick from seeing the cats hang out or sometimes fall in the middle of sessions!

Watch the full 44 ft tiny house tour to see more!

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