DRopoff Day: Pathway, an off-grid Tiny House by Modern Tiny Living

An ice cold beer, a dog, a brand new tiny house owner, and Trent (our co-founder).

We love to hand deliver every single tiny house we create, as our work is a true point of pride. In this case, Trent hauled the 18 ft., off-grid Pathway to the San Juan Mountains in Colorado to its final home. 

What better way to commemorate a glorious tiny house dream-come-true than with an ice cold sunset beer? 

This was an amazing moment, as is every moment when a customer first lays eyes on their dream tiny home. So many people dream of a tiny home in the mountains, a tranquil getaway from it all…and some people DO IT!

If you’re ready to get off the fence and start the converation, we’re always available to chat. We’d love to hear your ideas!

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