Craftsman Tiny Homes: Pioneering Affordable Green Living and Solving Housing Challenges

Craftsman Tiny Homes carries a legacy of 46 years in the construction industry, a journey ignited by the call for innovation and a fresh narrative. Guided by an unyielding vision, the torchbearers of this legacy are the talented trio: Bradford, Ryo, and Falcon.

tiny house interior

From house flipping across Florida’s diverse landscapes for eight years, destiny took a transformative twist with the global pandemic. The family’s homestead became a breeding ground for a brilliant concept – the inception of Craftsman Tiny Homes.

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Aged 24, 22, and 20, these virtuosos embraced the mantle, channeling their construction passion into a thriving venture. With unswerving commitment, they embarked on a quest not just to build homes, but to craft dreams. Every tiny home they construct mirrors their extraordinary skill, creativity, and dedication to excellence.

the builders and owners


Masters of foundational trades like concrete, plumbing, and electrical work, their expertise extends to intricate crafts like framing, insulation, and roofing. Beyond the technical, they’ve mastered the realms of business and marketing, seamlessly merging artistry with strategic insight.

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Their journey began in childhood, as they stood alongside their father during remodeling projects, laying the foundation for their mission – to redefine living spaces and elevate comfort and aesthetics.

Nordic build

Craftsman Tiny Homes goes beyond construction. It’s about affordability and ecological responsibility, about creating homes that address housing challenges and contribute to green living. Their journey culminates in the creation of affordable, ecologically green homes that stand as potential solutions to homelessness.

As their horizons expand, Craftsman Tiny Homes is primed for remarkable growth. A pole barn, symbolizing promise and progress, is set to grace their property. This heralds the arrival of new models, augmenting their existing offerings like The Nordic and the Bunk.

Nordic build 2

Championing innovation, Craftsman Tiny Homes revolutionizes sales through social media empowerment. Commission-based sales representatives are invited to share in their vision, leveraging their platforms to extend the allure of Craftsman Tiny Homes.

Nordic interior build

With a legacy of thousands of projects, The Nordic and the Bunk exemplify the pioneers of this new chapter. Their story echoes with passion, perseverance, and the seamless fusion of skill and vision, breathing life into homes that transcend mere structures, embodying the essence of dreams realized.

Experience the magic of Craftsman Tiny Homes at and explore their journey on YouTube.

Here is another of their tiny houses called the Bunk.

The bunk tiny house

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