Cool Down This Summer in a Cowboy Pool

There is no doubt that you have looked at a metal stock tank at your local hardware store and imagined turning it into a tiny swimming pool. 

Stock tanks make durable, easy backyard pools.

Photos by Cowboy Pools

Spring is on the way and now’s the time to start planning for summer garden activities. Even if you live in a tiny house, you can probably fit a small dipping pool somewhere near your home. While you are not going to be swimming laps in these little tubs, they are a great way to keep cool on hot summer days.

They can be an affordable way to add a cooling station to any home.

The March issue of the Tiny House Magazine features a profile and interview with Cowboy Pools, an Austin, Texas company that has taken the guesswork out of setting up a stock tank pool on your land or in your backyard.

According to Amanda Shaftel of Cowboy Pools, an installed pool in the Austin area can cost upwards of $90,000. Starting at less than $2,000, you can have a much simpler solution with their products.

Cowboy Pools in Austin offer all the pools and gear for the project.

Cowboy Pool with cover

Cowboy Pools sells not only the tanks but also the filters, pumps, maintenance kits, covers, and delivery and installation. Their smallest pool comes in at 6 feet in width and fits two to four adults. In addition, they even sell systems for heating and cooling your pool.

The pools can become a central part of any garden.

Cowboy Pools of Austin, Texas

The pools can also be integrated into a garden with seating, decking, covers and gazebos. Shaftel added, “Since our pools are so affordable, people tend to invest more in their yards and build around the cowboy pool which tends to be a centerpiece.”

Read more about Cowboy Pools in the March issue (#135) of the Tiny House Magazine.

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