Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year

Leave it to the Brits to have a competition for sheds. Not only are these diminutive buildings an everyday part of garden life in the UK, but the ones that are featured on Shed of the Year are some really special.

Sheds in the United Kingdom are not just for garden tools.

Photos by Readersheds/Shed of the Year

In my humble opinion, British TV shows are superior to many shows in the U.S. Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year is no exception. This charming show by Amazing Spaces is hosted by architect George Clarke. He and four other hosts judge entries posted on the website,

The website, Readersheds, and the show, Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year, feature some creative builds.

Shed of the Year

The sheds are not your simple garden allotment shed. They range from summerhouses that look like American cabins to tropical tiki huts. Some of the past winners include a treehouse shed shaped like a mushroom, a distillery/general store, and a shed featuring 1970s cocktails.

The sheds feature both livable and working spaces.

Shed of the Year

Many of the sheds are built with reclaimed materials or feature items that would have otherwise been destroyed. Depending on what they feature, the sheds fit into categories such as workshops/studios, cabins/summerhouses, unexpected/unique, or pub/entertainment. The website even has a Lockdown Shed category built by people during the UK lockdown in 2020.

The competition is open to anyone who has a fun or unique shed to share.

The website and the show are wonderful for getting a few tips and ideas about how to build your own garden shed getaway.

Even if you don’t live in the UK, you can still enter your shed design into the contest. The 2024 Shed of the Year competition is open for entries until May 31, 2024.

Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year is free for viewing on the Roku channel.

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