A True Texas Tiny

Tiny houses have many iterations available to you.

You only need to use your imagination. A tiny house can be made from just about any type of dwelling. This month’s issue features two unique homes that will spark your creativity.

Our cover photo and story are based on a couple who inherited some land in Texas. It had a 280-square-foot shed that most people would have left alone or just torn down.

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Katy and Michael Krebs are not your normal couple. They saw the possibility of a home in this small space. Michael had very modest construction experience. However, he felt up to the task and took on the challenge. He added a porch extension to make it more welcoming and to take advantage of the scenic views.

With 90 percent of the rehab done themselves, they were able to keep the costs of their new home right around the $16,000 range. What an accomplishment.

The second home in this issue is a revitalized caboose.

Marc and Amy Corbett have been renovating and creating Airbnbs and turned their hobby into a business over the last two years. Their latest challenge was converting this old caboose into a modern living space that you can now rent.

Using light colors the space seems much larger than its 326 square feet. It has a fantastic kitchen, a large bathroom, and a nice living area with beautiful views of the surrounding country.

Look around you. What type of structure could you turn into a tiny house?

Inside this issue you will find:

  • All Aboard All Belong
  • Love and Life in a Tiny House
  • Own Your Own Airstream
  • I Will Survive
  • A True Texas Tiny
  • Ten Most Important Time Management Principles I’ve Learned
  • Living Lighter in a Truck Camper
  • The Joy of Making Your Bed

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