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  • 1 Pick your greens in the morning or evening, preferably before watering.

    2 Rinse the greens, removing any dead leaves, etc. Use cool water, which will refresh the greens if they are heat-wilted or have been sitting in your fridge for a few days (my sister adds ice cubes to the water…it’s magic!) If your greens have been sitting the fridge for a bit, or if they are store-bought (and so harvested at least a day before you bought them), some amount of natural plant break-down (decomposition) will be occurring. In this case it’s a good idea to wash the greens with a veggie wash (or use an ozonator) to eliminate these natural bacteria. If you are harvesting kale, you can strip the leaves from the stems as you wash them; saves a step. Keep the stems in your freezer for future stock making.
    3 Dry the greens. A salad spinner works great, or a clean pillow case – go outside and wheel your arm like a ferris wheel holding the pillow case. You’ll be amazed how much water comes out.
    4 Pack your greens: place two pieces of paper towel in an open plastic bag (the plastic produce bags that are on a roll in the store’s produce section are great), place 2-4 handfuls of dried greens between the towels, and place OPEN bag on a shelf in the fridge.

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